White Water Rafting

Rafting at the source of Nile is one of the most exciting and wettest days of your life


Singles Package-November 2019

This safari provides Itinerary for Singles – November 2019

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Golfing Itinerary

The course at the Windsor Golf and Country Club is undoubtedly the finest in Kenya.

$2,810.00 $2,410.00 Sale!

Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking

Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking – Machame route, probably the most beautiful route up.


Singles Package-November 2019

I can not wait for this. Last year's package was awesome!

Best of Tanzania

I just wanted to thank you (and Billy) for organizing such a memorable trip. It was a long time coming with our disaster last year but all for the best. I loved that the three kids could share rooms everywhere. I can’t think of one complaint! Every camp was unique and terrific. The staff at each camp were beyond helpful and friendly. The food was outstanding and the locations were so fun. (I think the Pioneer Camp was our favorite) Rashid gets five stars from us. He was enjoyable to be with and he put up with my crazy photography requests. He was knowledgeable and very adept at finding every animal. I think he was pleased with our safari and what we got to see. I think we checked off ever animals with the exception of “a kill” which I for one was not sorry we didn’t see. The five of us will have life long memories from this trip and once again thank you for your great detail in planning our trip. If anyone asked I will certainly recommend you and hopefully we can come back again! Karen Morgenbesser and Family